BC Dining is excited to partner with Perfect Co to allow students to use pickup lockers to get their favorite food items from our Hillside Cafe. This new venture was tested last semester and Miriam was a constant support with her team (even with the 3 hour time difference) to work with us daily to perfect the process for us. We thought it such a success, we ordered another set for a different location this semester. 

Loved working with Mike, Miriam and the rest of the team in this new COVID world to make life better for our students!!

Megan O'Neill 

Associate Director of Restaurant Operations,

Boston College


Kitchen Staff

The Perfect Team has developed simple yet robust software that manages the almost infinite range of configuration options on our PUC cabinets which seamlessly integrate into restaurant operations. The outcome is increased efficiency and improved customer experience.

Chefs Discussing over Food

Perfect Company brings innovative thinking to how restaurants work through interactive design, equipment automation and intuitive software. They deliver new opportunities and customizable solutions to drive efficiency and cost savings in the kitchen.

In the Kitchen

Perfect Company's approach to interactive design connects our touchscreens with kitchen equipment in innovative, effortless and elegant ways to improve overall restaurant workflow.

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