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Connected tech that improves restaurant operations 

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More Efficient

Improve daily execution, reduce food waste & accelerate speed of service

Improve daily execution, reduce food waste and accelerate speed of service

by improving daily execution, reducing

food waste and accelerating speed of service

up to


reduction in waste per store annually

2019 food cost study at national QSR chain

More Effective

Gain control and measure more with actionable insights driving process improvement 

By controlling & measuring more with actionable insights that drive process improvement 

Restaurant Recipe Management System to Increase Efficiency

2020 productivity study at national QSR chain

reduced prep time for crew

More Profitable

Achieve operational excellence  through better food prep, more consistent cooking & improved    pick-up options

Achieve operational excellence through better food prep, more consistent cooking & improved pick-up options

As observed in 2020 productivity study at national QSR chain

Achieve operational excellence through better food prep, more consistent

cooking and improved pick-up options

By achieving operational excellence through better food prep and more consistent cooking

Restaurant Operations Software to Improve Restaurant Profitability

in COGs (1-3 percentage points)

2019 food cost study at national QSR chain

up to

integrated, connected tech that smooths back of house flow & enhances front of house management

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PKOS is the brain behind all Perfect tech: A suite of technology solutions designed to address specific operational challenges found in restaurants and the hospitality industry by integrating with ordering platforms, connected equipment and customer communication vehicles

Workflow automation integrated with smart, connected equipment makes menu execution easier & more consistent for crew members, raising the bar for both low-performing & high-performing stores

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ProPrep is a set of data-driven, real-time visual instructions that tell crew members what to make when, how much to make, and when to stop based on order volume

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ProMeasure is the smartest, easiest to use restaurant scale that saves operators thousands of dollars each year by making sure each ingredient is accurately portioned

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ProQueue is the next generation of tech to keep takeout orders organized

Stay tuned for the release expected late 2022!



We wanted to provide our guests a contactless, convenient pick-up solution, so we partnered with Perfect Company to create the first thru-wall locker system that allows guests to safely pick-up their order. Mike and team did a phenomenal job of integrating their platform with our existing technology, which seamlessly created a safer pick-up experience for everyone with the bonus of increasing our speed of service.

- Alan Walker 

Executive Director of Marketing,

Taffer's Tavern


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We've made cooking easier with connected technology that corrects mistakes before they happen through accurate portioning, easier instructions and real-time measurement.

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Our platforms are designed for cuisine, brand and partner configurability, so whatever you've got going on, we can handle it. We also already play nicely with:

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How we perfect your business

  • Increase profits through better efficiency and effectiveness

  • Extensive integrations with stable platforms that extend existing investments

  • Existing partnerships with industry leading equipment and hardware manufacturers 

  • Actionable analysis of your entire workflow with opportunities for improvement

  • Reduced training requirements with real-time notifications and just-in-time cues

  • Fully adaptable for cuisine type, ordering behavior and specific location requirements

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