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Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Restaurant Industry Veteran Jayson Tipp Appointed as Chief Growth Officer

Perfect Company, a leading provider of technology solutions addressing operational challenges for the restaurant and hospitality industries, announced it has secured $6 million in its Series A funding round led by Oxbridge Capital Partners, Ltd. and Genesis Ventures II Fund. Additionally, restaurant industry and technology veteran Jayson Tipp has joined Perfect Company as Chief Growth Officer.

“The foodservice industry has experienced a technology renaissance that has been expedited by the pandemic out of necessity. This fundraise will enable us to provide innovative SaaS solutions to make restaurants and other foodservice operations more efficient, effective and profitable,” said Michael Wallace, Co-Founder and CEO of Perfect Company. “We are also so pleased to welcome Jayson to the company. His extensive experience in the restaurant space coupled with his technology know-how will be invaluable to Perfect Company as we scale.”

Perfect Company brings automation and integration to restaurants, convenience stores, grocers, corporate cafeterias and ghost kitchens in their back- and front-of-house with software and connected equipment that streamline operations. The company’s platforms integrate with and extend existing POS and restaurant management systems to increase the return on current technology investments.

In the back of the house, Perfect Company’s Kitchen Workflow platform adds precision, consistency and management visibility to the art of food production. The platform integrates digital workflow automation, such as just-in-time cues, with connected equipment to ensure crew members successfully execute tasks with minimal training consistently and accurately while reducing waste and food cost, and increasing speed of service. In the front of the house, Perfect Company’s Pick-Up technology has been designed in partnership with the world’s largest restaurant equipment manufacturer Middleby and leading commercial-grade touchscreen manufacturer Elo. Perfect Company’s SaaS IOT solution connects existing digital ordering, POS and guest messaging platforms seamlessly with customizable, modular customer-facing cabinets providing touchless pick-up – an ideal solution for contactless food pick-up and delivery amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The need has never been greater for a holistic approach to foodservice operations given heightened safety protocol amid the pandemic, and consumer demand for food on-the-go. Perfect Company provides a level of control and visibility over food preparation and pickup processes that can improve revenues and efficiencies, make employees more effective, and ensure better customer experiences,” said Mr. Tipp. “I am excited to have joined this pioneering company as it provides meaningful ways to alleviate operational headaches from the stockroom, to the kitchen, to the customer.”

About Perfect Company From the stockroom to the kitchen to the customer, Perfect Company provides technology solutions to operational challenges for the restaurant and hospitality industries. Our systems give managers new control and visibility over food preparation and pickup processes, helping make restaurants and other consumer industries more efficient, effective and profitable. For more information on Perfect Company, visit

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